Bucket List

The world is ours,
as long as we're together.
This is our bucket list of things we want to do, and only count if we're together!

 - See a shooting star
 - Pick the berries/apples at a "pick your own" fruit farm
 - Pay for a stranger's tab at a restaurant
 - Bake in the middle of the night
 - Renew our vows in a tropical location
 - Have a 10 year anniversary party/vow renewal
 - Have a 50th wedding anniversary
 - Build a snowman
 - Have a bonfire on the beach
 - Travel first class
 - Spend Christmas on the beach
 - Spend Christmas in another country (London?)
 - Attend the Olympics
 - Go to a beach volleyball event

- Purchase our first home 
- Have the perfect wedding {more}
 - Buy a new car {more}
 - Go whale watching {more}
 - Go to a whale festival {more}
 - See dolphins (in the ocean, where they belong) {more}
 - Go to a MLB game {more}
 - Play bingo on a cruise {more}
 - Make a travel map for us to keep track of where we go {more}
 - Ruby's Diner at Huntington Beach Pier {more}
 - Spontaneous road trip {more}

United States

     Boston, Massachusetts             
               - Freedom Trail
               - Fenway Park
               - Duck Tour
               - Whale watching in Cape Cod 
- Alaska
- Hawaii

Around the World

- Sydney, Australia 
        * Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge
- Ireland
- Scotland
- England
- Belize
- Barcelona, Spain
            * Park Guell
            * La Sagrada Familia
- Florence/Pisa, Italy
- Rome, Italy
        * The Colosseum
            * Trevi Fountain  
- Venice, Italy
- Naples, Italy
- Athens, Greece

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a fun life plan! My husband and I just saw shooting stars for the first time ever about a month ago. The only problem with a 50th anniversary is that you have to wait FOREVER for it to come! :)