A Look Back at 2016

Welp.... It's been 2+ years since I have posted anything on this blog. I don't even know if anybody will see this, but I'm going to post anyway.

Right now I am bored. I started off 2017 by getting two of my wisdom teeth out, so right now it is rest, rest, rest for me. I will say though, being told to eat jello, mashed potatoes, and ice cream hasn't been totally horrible.  Anyway, with some extra time on my hands I thought maybe I'd get back to this little blog of mine. I definitely do miss it, but no promises on keeping it consistent :P

January 2016 - Added a Second Car to the Family! 

January 2016 - Cruise Vacation

February 2016 - Added Two Dogs to Our Family!

April 2016 - Went Purple

July 2016 - Went Turquoise

September 2016 - New Tattoos

October 2016 - Decorated at Work

October 2016 - My First Hockey Game!

November 2016 - Back to Purple

December 2016 - First Christmas with the Dogs

We definitely had some really great times this year! And we definitely had some not so great times... we experienced The Husband getting laid off this year which put a lot of stress on us but together we made it through.

Here's to a great 2017!