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Hey guys! If you're reading this you're either a Hunger Games fan or just interested in hearing more about it.. I do want to warn you, some of these answers may contain spoilers, so if you haven't read the books, I wouldn't keep reading! Even if you've seen the first two movies, there might be spoilers from Mockingjay, so just keep that in mind before you read any further into this post. I've been seeing this go around on youtube, so I thought I'd bring it here. I've changed or deleted some questions, and just answered the ones that made sense or weren't repetitive. Feel free to tell me you agree, or what your answers would have been in the comment section below.. I'd never say no to a discussion about the Hunger Games series ;)

What is your favorite book?
Catching Fire! I really love the old tributes that are allied with Katniss and Peeta.. That's probably one of the biggest reasons. The arena is also so fascinating in Catching Fire, so that was awesome to see it come to life in the movie. I think Mockingjay was my least favorite.. Not really sure why.. I liked it, just wasn't my favorite.

How long would you last in the games?
Not long.. I wouldn't be able to survive without getting supplies from the Cornucopia.. I am not an outdoor person whatsoever. So I'd probably die trying to get stuff from the Cornucopia.. if I made it out of that, I'd probably just hide somewhere and try to make it as far as I could. And if I didn't make it out of the Cornucopia, at least it's over fast!

How were you introduced to the trilogy?
I was never really introduced to it.. I just heard all the hype before the first movie, but never really paid attention.. Then just before Catching Fire came out I figured I'd give the first movie a shot.. And I loved it. So then of course we saw Catching Fire and I read all of the books. Still waiting for the Mr. to finish reading the books so we can talk about Mockingjay ;)

Favorite moment?
I love this part equally in the book and in the movie.. My favorite moment is when Peeta and Katniss are going on the victory tour, and they are talking about their favorite colors. Something so simple and innocent in a world where there are horrible things going on. I also thought it took a ton of pressure off of them trying prove they're in love, and just build that friendship that, in my opinion, helps to build their love. 

Favorite villain?
Thresh. I know he's not a "villain" per say.. but he is in that he was against Katiness. I also like the version in the movie where it's implied he was killed by a mutant, rather than the hands of someone else like in the book. I don't like to think he let someone else kill him.

Favorite character?
Hands down, Cinna. He is amazing, and I think Lenny Kravitz was PERFECT in that role... It was made for him. His beating scene was hard to watch and read... I definitely cried. That scene is heartbreaking.

What district would you live in?
If I could be with Thresh I'd live in District 11 haha.. I think District 7, Lumber, would be cool, just because Johanna with that axe is awesome.. and who wouldn't want to know how to do that without hurting themselves?
The most emotional moment in the books?
Rue's death was definitely emotional, and I cried reading this part in the book. In a way though, I'm glad it happened like it did. I wouldn't have wanted it to come down to her and Katniss facing off... I'd say another really emotional part for me was the death of the old man in Rue's district during the victory tour. I cried in the movie and the book during this part.. The movie handled this scene so emotionally, and it's one of the hardest moments to watch, but I thought it was just handled so well.

I know this isn't the question, but, of the moments in the series that I thought would be super emotional, I didn't really find myself getting emotional when Prim died. I felt like it was kind of rushed in the books, I don't really know how to explain it.. I just felt like there wasn't time to get emotional about it. I don't like that they killed her.. especially how it was handled... But that's just me.

Which item would you take with you into the games?
I'd say.. probably a book.. If I was able to make it out and hide, I'd need something to pass the time!

What was the most evil plan someone made up in the books?
There are so many evil plans in these books.. the games themselves all of it. But one of the things that I didn't like was the Capitol not making victors' kids exempt from the games. Just because that prevents people from truly wanting and enjoying having children. If someone survives the games, they should at least be able to have kids and not worry about them having to go into the games.

What are you looking most forward to in the film?
Well since the first two are already out.. For Mockingjay I'm most curious just to see how they split it into two movies. I also think it will be interesting to see how they present District 13.

Gale or Peeta?
Peeta, for sure. I think a lot of people think he's weak because he's a little more shy and gets hurt early in the games and needs to be taken care of a bit. But, I don't see him as weak at all. I actually see him as one of the bravest and strongest. Going into the games he was the first one to say he didn't want to be a pawn for the Capitol, and wanted to be true to himself, even if that meant him losing his life. I think it's easier to say I'll do whatever it takes to win, rather than say what he did. In a lot of ways he relied on Katniss to help him survive, but I think she relied on him just as much, but in different ways.  I'd also choose Josh Hutcherson over Liam Hemsworth any day. I know I'm probably pretty alone with that but.. oh well ;)

Effie's crazy style or sweet and simple like Cinna?
I think it would be a lot of fun to be able to wear Effie's costumes, but it would get older after awhile.. so simple like Cinna.

Life in the Capitol or in the districts?
I think it would be easy to say life in the Capitol.. but.. there's a certain ignorance and numb mindedness that comes with living there that scares me. If I could be the capitol and help the districts, that's what I would do... I don't know how long I'd survive in districts far away from the Capitol either though :p

Bread from district 11 or lamb stew from the Capitol?
Oh, bread! I wouldn't eat lamb stew anyway.. gross. But bread is just, so yummy :)

Katniss' archery skils or Cato's knife fighting abilities?
Archery for sure... I don't think I could handle hand to hand combat very well.. So with archery, at least I'd have a little distance between myself and the other person.

Peeta's gift or camouflage or Rue's gift of climbing?
Climbing, definitely. Seems a little less time consuming..

Become an avox or get stung by a tracker jacker?
No contest, tracker jacker. At least if it's one tracker jacker, it's over pretty quickly.. but being an avox is forever.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know! :)

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