What's a S'more?

So this weekend, during a normal conversation with my dad, T and I discovered that not only has my dad never had a s'more, he didn't even know what one was! Crazy right? So obviously the first thing we did the next day was buy stuff so we could make s'mores... because no 60 year old man should continue through life without knowing what a s'more is ;) Obviously he didn't have a fire/fire pit, so we chose the next best thing to get as authentic as we could :p 

Yep..... handsome hubby right? :p 


Caribbean Cruise: Nassau

We just walked around a little bit here, and of course went to see Atlantis. They charge about $40 each person to be able to walk through the Royal Towers (which is what most people think of when they think of Atlantis). We didn't want to pay this so we just walked around as close as we could get :p Then we found this little snow cone shop on the way back to the ship.. and these snow cones were HUGE. 
Funny story, I know knew someone who now plays in the NBA and while we were at Atlantis we saw people wearing Trailblazers stuff. One of them had a cartoon of him on their shirt.. and that was just weird to see haha 

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Caribbean Cruise: St. Thomas

This was the day my genius younger step-brother couldn't get off the ship. In St. Maarten the day before he probably drank a little too much, while being at the beach all day, while not drinking enough water. Leaving him pretty severely dehydrated that night and he wasn't doing so well. He actually had to go see the doctor on the ship who told him he needed to stay in his cabin and rest the next day. Nobody told us this, but he still tried to get off the ship the next day.. which much to everyone but ours' surprise, they wouldn't let him off. So while his girlfriend and my step-dad went to convince the doctor to let him go, the four of us headed to the beach. And boy did we get lucky with our cab driver... Without us asking, or without him charging extra, he took us up to a place where we could look down on the Bay we were headed to. The view was so beautiful and it gave us a chance to get some pictures! This was definitely one of my favorite days of the cruise :)  Always good to spend some quality time with my little sis! 


Caribbean Cruise: St. Maarten

St. Maarten was our first port stop! We went to the Yoda Guy shop to meet the guy who designed the Yoda puppet for the Star Wars movies. T was very excited :) Side note, my mom and step dad thought we were going to meet the "Yoga Guy" and thought his name was "Yoda".. ummm yeah, we're gonna try to forget that happened ;) Then T went back to the ship and bowled because we knew the ship would be close to empty :P  pictures from that here!


Caribbean Cruise: At Sea Days!

The second day of our cruise we hung out by the pool and played Bingo (bucket list item!). We also got to see Second City improv comedy group, they were pretty funny! 
On the third day we got some more pool time, and went to see the Blue Man Group!
Day 6 we did a cupcake decorating class... for kids :p We also did something crazy.. We got up and sang karaoke! Completely sober mind you ;) "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child... hahaha I don't think I could do it again! 


Caribbean Cruise: Miami

As most of you know, last week we were on a cruise. Here are some of the pictures from the day we embarked! It wasn't my first cruise, but it was T's, and our first one together :)