What's In A Bag?

If you really knew me you'd know I hate carrying around a purse. It just gets in the way, and I'm usually with my Husband anyway so I just take my phone. I did think it might be fun to give a glimpse of what's in my purse on a road trip though! :) Last weekend we were in Southern Utah to spend some time with family over the 4th of July. Here's what I took with me :)

Ipad: My dad gave me his old one when he got a new one and I LOVE it. I would be lost without it now ;) 
// Iphone 5 // Camera & Camera Case: I have a love/hate with this camera.. most of the time it just irritates me. I still take it with me though!

Beats by Dre headphones // Wallet // Glasses & Case // Blog Planner

Make up bag: Wet wipes you never know when these will come in handy! // Face wipes I seriously love these things, and they'll make you feel so much better after a long road trip! // Advil // Lotion // Neutrogena Sunscreen // Mini First Aid Kit // Hair ties // Bobby Pins

This is a first aid kit I got at Target in the travel section, and it only cost me a buck. Just some band-aids, guaze, and cleansing wipes. Perfect for any little scrapes along the way! 


  1. your wallet is soooo cute!
    I love my iPad, too!!!

  2. you got all the necessities! it's all you need!

  3. Great post girl! I don't know what I would do without my iPad either. :)


  4. I detest carrying a purse, but I got a small one for our upcoming trip. Just enough for the necessities--you can fit a lot of useful stuff in yours!