The Purple Filter: 4th of July Weekend

Life through my eyes... 

This weekend we went to St. George to spend some time with family.. My uncle and grandma live there, and my mom, stepdad & little sister drove up from Salt Lake to see us too. So here are a few snapshots of a few things we did.. Most of which are things we don't have here or can't buy here ;)

Breakfast with Dad at Ihop! 

Stopping at Great Harvest.. the best bread ever! // Pier 49 Pizza.. I love it :)  // My operator's commission for playing bingo with my mom and stepdad! 

Snow cones each day! The thing we miss thee most when we're not in Utah! ;) 


  1. I haven't had a snowcone in years...those pictures make me want to try one again.

  2. We used to live in Idaho Falls and they had a Great Harvest Bread Co. there too, and I LOVED it! It's the best!

  3. Looks like a great mini-vacation!! You had me craving snow cones all weekend.