Seed Bead Necklace {Tutorial}

I made my own chain necklace, but if you already have one though, use it! 
To make my necklace, I measured about 32" of chain. 
Use a jump ring and a clasp to complete the necklace :)
To start a seed bead strand, you'll need jewelry wire, a jump ring, and a crimp bead.
1. String the crimp bead, and then the jump ring. Loop wire over jump ring, and back through crimp bead. Gently, but firmly squeeze the crimp bead using the pliers. Trim the extra wire.
2. String the beads. This is the most time consuming part.. 
I recommend doing it while you are watching tv or something :p 
My finished strand ended up being around 24" 
3. Repeat step 1 to finish off strand one.
4. Attach the other strands to the same jump ring. Repeat steps 1-3 for each strand.
5. Attach the strands of seed beads to the chain necklace with the jump ring. 
I use two pliers to open the jump ring, and to close it. 

For more tips and tricks, here are some other necklace tutorials:


  1. Can we have a youtube sesh where you teach me how to do all these?

    I really need to start making my own jewelry! :)

  2. Pretty, might have to try this :)