Caribbean Cruise: St. Thomas

This was the day my genius younger step-brother couldn't get off the ship. In St. Maarten the day before he probably drank a little too much, while being at the beach all day, while not drinking enough water. Leaving him pretty severely dehydrated that night and he wasn't doing so well. He actually had to go see the doctor on the ship who told him he needed to stay in his cabin and rest the next day. Nobody told us this, but he still tried to get off the ship the next day.. which much to everyone but ours' surprise, they wouldn't let him off. So while his girlfriend and my step-dad went to convince the doctor to let him go, the four of us headed to the beach. And boy did we get lucky with our cab driver... Without us asking, or without him charging extra, he took us up to a place where we could look down on the Bay we were headed to. The view was so beautiful and it gave us a chance to get some pictures! This was definitely one of my favorite days of the cruise :)  Always good to spend some quality time with my little sis! 


  1. Ah, I can't believe they made him stay on the ship! Ha. But yes, dehydration makes you feel awful.

    I loved looking at your photos!