Caribbean Cruise: Nassau

We just walked around a little bit here, and of course went to see Atlantis. They charge about $40 each person to be able to walk through the Royal Towers (which is what most people think of when they think of Atlantis). We didn't want to pay this so we just walked around as close as we could get :p Then we found this little snow cone shop on the way back to the ship.. and these snow cones were HUGE. 
Funny story, I know knew someone who now plays in the NBA and while we were at Atlantis we saw people wearing Trailblazers stuff. One of them had a cartoon of him on their shirt.. and that was just weird to see haha 

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  1. ohh my gosh. That view, and those snow cones.

    and Tyler with purple nails, typical :)

    looks amazing my dear!

  2. 1. love the snowcones
    2. love those pics! what a great place
    3. love our blog!!!

    i am a new follower and i am so excited to be here :)