Who Doesn't Love Chocolate?

While you're probably reading this, we are on a plane to Atlanta. From there we head to Miami! We'll meet up with my mom, step-dad, little sister, little brother and his girlfriend. My mom and step-dad are taking all of us on a cruise! So starting tomorrow, that's where we'll be! Anyway, last weekend we had a date night (more on that next week!) and made some chocolate covered apples. Nothing too crazy, I just thought I'd show how we save a lot of money by making our own.
I also use Hershey's hugs as my chocolate. It's by far my favorite! And so so easy :)

1. Unwrap hugs.. this is the most time consuming part.. but totally worth it ;)
2. To melt the hugs, I use a measuring cup, just because it's microwave safe.
    I start with 30 seconds, then move the hugs around a little bit with a fork.
    After that, I do 15-20 second intervals, using a fork to stir it each time.
    I do this until the chocolate is all the way melted, it usually only takes me 3 times in
    the microwave total.
3. Slice your apples to whatever size you want! (T did this while I unwrapped the hugs :p ) 
4. Line cookie sheet with wax paper
5. Dip your apples in the chocolate and place them on the cookie sheet with wax paper.
6. Place cookie sheet in fridge to chill for about 20 minutes.
7. ENJOY! :) because after all, who doesn't love chocolate? 

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