Sometimes it's Okay to Just Say Yes!

So Thursday we did something a little crazy! Well, crazy for us anyway. We decided to leave the next day after work and head to Dana Point, California for the weekend! We left Friday and stayed in Blythe, CA that night (which I don't really recommend :P ). Saturday morning we got to Dana Point, checked into our hotel, and headed straight to the harbor! We got to go whale watching, which was magnificent in every single way! It was our first time but it will certainly not be our last. We're already trying to to plan another trip :) We went with Dana Wharf, and they were great, we had an amazing two member crew, seriously, they made the trip what it was, and I so thank them for that!

It was a super short trip, but so worth it! We think about our future a lot, and trying to make sure we get some money in the bank and all that kind of stuff... Which is a good thing, but sometimes I feel like we're so focused on setting up our future, we forget that sometimes it's okay to take the time and the money to take trips and create memories for ourselves. It was an amazing trip, and we crossed off FOUR bucket list items!

Items we were able to cross off the bucket list
- #5: Go whale watching
- #6: Go to a whale festival
-#7: See dolphins (in the ocean, where they belong)
We didn't see very many.. we're hoping to see some more on our cruise!
- #33: Spontaneous road trip


  1. tyler, this looks incredible! i'd love to go whale watching (and actually see some whales!) one of these days. love your blog!

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