The Newlywed Game!

Our wedding! October 22, 2011
The day after we got married! 
one:  What was it about your spouse that made you think they were "the one"?
Me: Honestly, when I would look at him doing something across the room, and just smile. And you just feel it, can't really explain it.. but I knew.
Him:  She put up with things that no normal girl should have put up with at that age. Especially to be with a nerd like me!
two:  What is your spouse's most annoying habit?
Me: He snores!! I love him so much, but it is horrible :p Especially when I wake up the middle of the night and can't fall back to sleep..!
Him:  Her most annoying habit is that she doesn't have an annoying habit. Awwww.
three:  Does your spouse have to sleep on "their side of the bed", if so, which side?(if you're laying in bed looking up at the ceiling)
Me: No.. I get my way on that, so he just sleeps on the other side of where I sleep... Such a sweet Husband :)
Him:  For some reason she always seems to want to sleep on the closest side to the door.  I don't get it.
four:  How are you planning to spend Valentine's Day?
Me: Like any other day... I've never been big into Valentine's Day! 
Him:  She doesn't like Valentine's Day...so probably nothing. (I picked a winner ;) )  
five:  Who usually ends up trying to resolve an argument (aka..being the "bigger person")?
Me: He usually likes to be the one to talk it out... I'd rather have my space until I'm ready to talk :p We don't really get into that many big arguments though... mostly just bicker about stuff! 
Him:  Nobody is really the "bigger person" I usually just bug her until she is forced to yell at me...anything is better than the silent treatment!
six:  How many kids do you plan to have one day, if any?
Me: I'd love two! He'd like to be closer to 4 :p We're adopting, and we'd love to find a sibling group, so if we find a group of 4 that we fall in love with, then it was meant to be.. right? :)
Him:  2-4
seven:  What is your spouse's best friend's name & do you get along with them?
Me: Zach, and I do get along with him :) I think everyone would though, he's a sweetheart! 
Him:  Jon, I have yet to officially meet him because he is studying in Iowa.  But from what The Wife says about him, there is no way I couldn't get along with him.
eight:  If your spouse one day told you that they are an ex-convict, how would you react?
Me: Definitely depends on what it was.. but I think it would be more of an issue about lying, than being a convict.. does that make sense? 
Him:  Depends on the crime, murder I'd probably freak out.  Bank robber I wouldn't be surprised, her dad would probably be her partner. HAHAHAHAH! 
nine:  Do you wish your spouse would stop doing a particular routine?
Me: Getting up in the morning and blowing his nose.. I mean it's cute, in a really annoying way :p 
Him:  Not really, she doesn't exactly have specific routines.  She lives in the moment most of the time and always keeps me guessing. :)
ten:  Did the honeymoon go exactly as planned?
Me: Well, other than the fact we waited about 6 months before we went on what we considered our honeymoon.. We also had to detour to Utah, but we still had a great time just being together... and yeah, we both got sun-burnt... idiots :p At least we learned our lesson, even if we had to learn it the hard way! ;) 
Him:  For the most part, cannot say that I planned on getting incredibly sun burnt when I fell asleep on the beach.


  1. My husband has an on-and-off snoring problem. The easiest way to stop it is to quickly kiss him on the lips.

    I know what you mean about the feeling you described in #1...I never understood that "I just knew" thing until it happened to me.

  2. You guys are adorable! We don't celebrate v-day either, I'd rather the hubs surprise me with chocolates or flowers on a random Tuesday (and he does), so much more romantic!

  3. We also had to wait till 6 months after we got married to have our honeymoon! And it my husband starts snoring, I just kick him or something like that and that usually stops it. I'm such a nice wife.

  4. haha I get up early and blow my nose, my dad "lovingly" referred to me as the foghorn. Kevin doesn't seem to mind so much.

    Love your answers !:)

  5. We want to adopt children too! Are you wanting to adopt internationally? Or does it matter?

  6. I absolutely love your husband's answers!! So cute!
    You guys are obviously so so so in love.
    I love when I read answers from this link up, & I can just tell that the couple has like the BEST relationship ever.
    Love this.
    Thanks so much for linking up today! =D

  7. So fun to hear from both of you! Great post :)

  8. Love this post Tyler! Love all the wonderful answers from you and your hubbie! You both are such a cute couple! I also love that you are adopting, beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Bank robber, huh? :) Such a cute link up!