I'm The Kinda Girl...

Bridgit Mendler anybody? 

I'm the kinda girl who...
believes in saving our planet.
has a small obsession with dandelions.
listens to everything from Taylor Swift to Tupac.
loves her husband more than anything.
is the reliable friend, the shoulder to cry on.
watches crime shows like NCIS and Castle. 
believes dolphins do not belong in captivity.
recently discovered a love for baking.
still watches wedding shows like Say Yes to the Dress.
would probably sell my soul for a back tickle.
has a great relationship with both parents.
loves the ocean, but is terrified to get in it.
is grateful for the people in her life. 
believes a cupcake for breakfast is totally reasonable.
will not just tell you what you want to hear.
always tries to be positive and happy.


  1. I like recycling. This is our only home! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I've been married for 8 months now, and I still love watching Say Yes to the Dress. It is such a fun show...

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I love watching crime shows. And, I would definitely eat a cupcake (or two) for breakfast! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing stuff about you. I am a crime show fan, and the biggest ever Gibbs fan. I wish Gibbs was my boss.

  5. Love this post, I'm linking my Thursday post up to I'm the kind of girl!

  6. Cupcake for breakfast? Yes please!!!! Love your list!

  7. i will always watch gilmore girls again if it is on as well, i love it!

    stopping by from the link up, cute post!

  8. I also love my husband more than anything.

    Seeing whales and dolphins in captivity is especially sad. :( I don't think that any man-made exhibit could compare to getting to swim around most of the world's oceans whenever they want.

  9. Love this. And a cupcake for breakfast... totally ok! ;)

  10. I am a crime show junkie!! I love Criminal Minds and have seen almost every episode at least three times. I'm like you in that I listen to a wide range of music also. And I love having Shawn's family in my life. They rock! Cupcakes for breakfast? Totally justified :)

    Thank you so much for linking up!!

  11. I love Say Yes to the Dress! My husband thinks I'm crazy. And your music tastes sound similar to my husband's--it seems that he likes music from just about every genre that exists! I'm always surprised.

  12. So sweet! Loved reading this. I love that you are the reliable friend, the shoulder to cry on. You sound like a great friend!

  13. I just found your blog and am your newest follower! Are you an AZ girl? I am too! I think there is never such a thing as watching too much Gilmore Girls! Btw your husband is an extremely talented man with that art! Can't wait to read more!