DIY: Blue Double Strand Statement Necklace

1. Start with jewelry (stringing) wire, jump ring, and crimp bead. You'll also need your pliers.
(I usually cut about 24" of wire... It's better to have it too long, than too short)
2. String crimp bead, and then the jump ring. Loop wire over jump ring and back through the crimp bead.
3. Gently but firmly squeeze the crimp bead using the pliers.
4. Cut off the extra jewelry wire. 
5. String beads and close off the strand the same way you started it. 
6. Make a second strand the same way, attaching it to the first set of jump rings.
7. Cut jewelry chain to desired length. 
I usually put a piece around my neck until I like the length, then cut the piece in half to attach the clasp. 
I also chose to use two pieces of chain on each side instead of just one.
8. Open jump ring and attach the two pieces of chain.
9. To finish off the necklace attach jewelry chain to jump rings on each side, as well as attaching a clasp.

If you've never made a necklace before, this might be a little confusing.. 
 Here are my other statement necklace tutorials: 1 2 
They're a lot more detailed, and there are more pictures of each step :)

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