Super Bowl Series: Penalty Flag Center Piece

You will need: 
- 1/2 yard yellow fabric
-  Yellow mini hair rubber bands
- Rice (or anything else to weight it down)
- Mini rubber footballs
- Purple beads
- Basket
To make penalty flags:

And for those super football fans (or wives of those super football fans :p ):
These could also be used for a game! While we were making them, we were throwing them from the couch into the basket in the kitchen. This could be a good way to keep kids entertained.
Another game is, each person gets a flag and anytime they see a penalty during the game, they can throw the flag. Whoever gets the most right could get a gift card or something..
There really are so many possibilities with this! :)

Updated to add: I saw these penalty flags after I made these and  wrote my post.. $3 each! The 1/2 yard of fabric I got at Hobby Lobby, cost me around that much. And I was able to make at least 9, seriously DIY is the way to go on these! So easy to do yourself! 


  1. Oh my Tyler those are too cute! GO RAVENS!!!

  2. these are awesome, I definitely made the plastic utensil holder yesterday! thanks for the idea!