What Being a Role Model Means to Me...

Let me introduce you to my other half, my little sister, Alicia :)

She lives with my mom and stepdad in Utah, and sometimes it's REALLY hard to be away from her.
I've taken her on field trips, and even filled in for "Mom" at school when she couldn't make it to a class party.
She's even come to stay with us in Arizona a couple times.

As her big sister, I like to think I'm someone to look up to for her. So what does being a role model mean?
According to dictionary.com a Role Model is:
A person whose behavior, example, or success is or
can be emulated by others, especially by young people.

That seems like a fair definition, but I feel like a lot of people expect a "role model" to be perfect, and never make mistakes. And let me tell you, that definitely isn't me. I've made my fair share of mistakes in life.
"If you never fall down, you'll never know what getting back up feels like"

To me, being a role model, means being honest.
I've always been an open book to my sister. Anything she asks me, I'm honest with her. I don't pretend I never did the wrong thing, However, I do tell her what I learned from it.

But she's going to make mistakes, she's human.We all do it.
My mom and sister have a wonderful relationship, but sometimes, I think it's easier to have a sister to talk to, than a Mom. As my sister gets older, I hope she knows how much I love her. I hope she knows I'll always be right by her side. And most of all, I hope she knows how proud I am of the amazing young woman she's turning into.


Ling & Louie's!

Sunday night Tanner, my dad, and I went to Ling & Louie's for dinner.
Check out their facebook page here!

I am a pretty picky eater, so Asian cuisine is not usually my favorite.
But the Mongolian Beef here was AMAZING.
I absolutely loved it :)

Please note, usually when we go out to dinner, I don't take a camera.
I just have my iphone and picplz/instagram. :)

I've only used chopsticks once in my life... I was about 9 and it was a restaurant in Las Vegas.
And I cheated because the waiter put rubber bands around them and I used two hands to pull each side apart haha...
Other than that, I haven't used them.
And let me say... its HARD!

I practiced with lettuce before dinner even came.. and I really couldn't get it.
But I was determined to learn how to do it.
(I even took home extra chopsticks to practice :P )

When our dinner came, I was the last one to finish.
I refused to take a bite with my fork, so I used my chopsticks and got through my entire meal!
Well, I only took a couple bites of rice haha... that was crazy but I did it :P

How about you? Do you eat with chopsticks or do you stick with the fork??

The food was just wonderful :)
And when the Manager, John, heard it was our first time
he sent over a complementary dessert!
How awesome is that?!

It's the flour less chocolate cake and it was DELICIOUS!
He also gave us a card for a free appetizer next time we were in.

Our waitresses name was Jenna and she was wonderful :)

We went to the Scottsdale, AZ location, but according to their website ,
they have locations in Chandler, AZ, Denver, CO, Meridian, ID, and Reno, NV.
If there is one by you, I would definitely recommend it!

Let me know if you go to one :)