Our Christmas Recap!

We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve because my Dad was going out of town the next day! :p
We got Dad the first and second Home Alone movies!
And a blue-ray player too! 
The Husband got a movie, a video game, and a coupon book from Datevitation!  He's also getting an iphone 5 this weekend :p 
I got candy (of course), a Bath and Body Works gift card, and my favorite, a Sea Shepherd replica ship!
I am pretty dang excited to put it on my desk! Dad also got us gift cards because he rocks :)
I also got a passport holder because my mom and stepdad are taking the husband, me, my little sister, little brother, and his girlfriend on a cruise in March! 
The three of us went out to dinner Christmas Eve, love my Dad :) 
After dinner The Husband and I went to his Grandparents' house to see his Mom's side of the family.
Next year, we're going to be spending Christmas with his Dad and step-mom, I'm excited! 
We got both of our little sisters socks and nail polish, simple but fun! 

My little sister opening her's on Christmas morning at my Mom's. Miss her lots and lots! 
Our Christmas dinner! 


  1. your christmas looks soo awesome! glad you had such a great time:):) thanks for linking up my dear!

  2. looks like Christmas was awesome and Santa was good to everyone

  3. Looks like a beautiful & absolutely wonderful Christmas. :) Gift cards are the bomb.com!