Glitter Light-bulb Ornaments

I used: 
- Old Christmas lights
- Glitter
- Mod Podge 
(or Elmers glue would probably work too)
- Foam Paint Brushes
- Sealer
- Hemp Rope

Each "ornament" consists of two lights

So I was at Target a couple weeks ago and saw some of these, but they were made out of Styrofoam, and I can't say it was really the kind of quality I wanted, but it did give me a great idea!

What to do:
(pictures below directions!)
1. Use a foam brush to "paint" the Mod Podge onto the light-bulb.
2. Pour glitter all over the light-bulb.. And don't say I didn't warn you that it makes a HUGE mess! 
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the second light-bulb.
4. Spray with some kind of sealer. (Optional) 
     I used Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer.. it kind of helped the glitter stay on :p
     I also cut squares in an old box to set the bulbs in so they would stand up straight.. 
5. Cut a piece of hemp rope (or ribbon), and use each end to tie a bow on each ornament, connecting them together. I stumbled across this version on Pinterest, she uses ribbon! :) 
6. Hang your ornament and admire it! 
And the most important step...


  1. This is so cute, so simple too! I love your tree with the big presents underneath! :D


  2. I'de like to place an order! :) I loved my ornaments. Check out my friday letters tomorrow. I posted a picture! Happy Friday eve sweet friend.

  3. 2 of my 2 favorite things glitter and mod podge. I did some homemade ornaments this year...I am loving jute this year for the ornament stringing. Love all that glitter, oh and your nails are all glittery. I wanted to stop by and say hi via a fellow co-host at MMI yesterday.

  4. LOVE these! I've seen the glitter ornaments on Pinterest, but I like these lights better!
    My problem: Where on earth do I find old bulbs? They're a rarity...

  5. These are SO adorable! I love the idea and they look so much better as an ornament :) I am your newest follower over from the giveaway on Lulu and Sweet Pea.


  6. those look so cute! hopefully I remember to try those next year! found you via the linkup, come say hi adayinthelifeofmektt.blogspot.com