December Cara Box Swap Reveal!

This was my first time participating in the Cara Box Swap.. and let me just tell you, I was really excited! 
I sent mine to Brooke, so be sure to head over there and see what she got! :)

My package from Ashley arrived on Christmas Eve! I may or may not have run in the house right away to rip it open... Sorry, I was excited :p I've really connected with Ashley and I am so glad I signed up for the Cara Box for December! She's the best :)
Let's start with what I opened first.. her super sweet note, that actually did make me tear up a little bit.. 
And this.. this was definitely so much fun to open! If you've been on my blog for 5 seconds you probably noticed my love for whales! My social media icons on the top left are even whales.. they even spout water if you mouse over them.. But anyway, back on topic, I loved these cards! They were so perfect! And that wrapping paper? So cute! and let me tell you, I'm totally jealous of Ashley's wrapping skills.. I definitely cannot wrap like that! You go girl :)
She even got "crafty" for me! Didn't they turn out great?! Perfect for the empty space in my cubicle! :)
A girl can never have too much nail polish right?!
Ashley also got me a note pad to remember her by because she likes to make lists..
well let's just say I am the same way! So it was perfect :)
She even sent me a note explaining everything! 
Seriously Ashley, everything was awesome! Thank you so much :) You are so sweet and I'm super happy to have been able to connect with you through this :)

I will definitely be signing up for January's Cara Box exchange, you should too! Just click on the button for more info :) Happy Thursday! 

Cara Box


  1. I LOVE Ashley and I am so glad you two got to "meet" (:


  2. Very awesome. I'm thinking about signing up.

  3. what an awesome idea I love swaps I just finished a Christmas one

  4. so neat!! love it