Let's Take a Tour, Shall We?

For the past few weeks I've been settling into my cube at work and trying to make it more of my own. At work there aren't very many ways to express yourself, but a cubicle is one of those ways. I wanted my space to be professional, but give people a glimpse of who I am. :) 

So this is the view when you first walk into my cube, the papers hanging up are work related, but they are hung up with cute and colorful map pins ;) You will also always see a water bottle on my desk, and my fan. I got it at Target for like $20, it's a lifesaver! My mason jars also make an appearance.. I've been made fun of a couple times for the amount of pens I have, but jars just look better when they're full! :p And see those cupcakes? Chocolate cupcakes with Salted Caramel Buttercream :) Everybody loved them! 

To the right, there is a shelf. Complete with two wedding pictures, Pooh Bear, and my paper rose from The Husband :) There's also a Cardinals flag, and fortunes.. I really need to get a Baltimore Ravens flag or something.. It's just easier to get Arizona stuff because we're in Arizona :P 

I love fortune cookies, and when I find a fortune that fits perfectly, I put them up. 
I also color coordinate with the map pins because I am just weird like that :)

To the left... My Sea Shepherd flag and some photos :) I wanted a way to display a lot of different pictures, without having to hang each individual photo up. So I made a mini version of this frame :)  I used mini clothespins, I got them at Party City in the baby shower section.. They worked perfectly! 

Maybe I'm a little too prepared but, when you're at work for 8 hours, I guess it's good to know what you'll want to have around! I have a massive gum supply, band-aids and Advil.  Also, chap-stick, lotion, and hand sanitizer. And of course, note pads, paper clips, and post its :) 

And of course, can't forget snacks can we?! :) 

I also listen to these wonderful things while I work :) Ear buds really hurt my ears, so I finally invested in some good, comfortable head phones. They were not cheap by any means, but they were definitely worth it. 

What are some things you can't live without while you're at work? 
What do you do to personalize your work space? 


  1. I like your cubicle! I hope to have an office job someday so I can have my own space at work.

  2. I love your cubee! It's wayyy better organized than mine!!

  3. sooo adorable! I love making my office my own as well. Except I have no pictures, I keep forgeting to bring them in, for the last year and half;)

    love love love yours!