Wonderful Weekends: Birthday Parties and New Beginnings

Saturday was my little sister-in-law's birthday party. She turned 11 on Friday, so ya know, we're appreciating the days before she hits full teenage-dom. ;)

This is her opening our present... Seriously, her face in the picture on the right, gets me every time. 

The easiest thing to get kids, is money. But I wanted something a little more special, so all I did was get her money in $1 bills, and tied them up. It's so much fun to just give ones, because it always looks like so much more ;) She loved it, and we were really happy she did :) 

I wish I would've gotten a picture of all the different kinds of cupcakes because her mom made some super cute ones :)

Like our usual Sundays, today was full of watching football and being lazy :P Today was a little bit different though, because tomorrow I start my new job. I know I've mentioned it a little bit, on here & instagram, but I thought I would mention a little more about it. The Husband works at a very large insurance company, and now I work there too! :) It honestly works out so perfectly because we share a car. We are in two different buildings, and down the street from each other, but it will be super easy to have just one car, and will save us a lot of money too ;) I'm not fully sure what my job entails, but I'll know tomorrow. I'm freaking out with anxiety, and I am ready to get my first day over with, but I'm also really excited to get into the routine of working. I'm also on salary, so that means paid time off ;) And I'm off weekends too, I am a very lucky girl :)  I'm going to try as hard as I can to stay on track with my blog schedule, but don't get mad if I miss recipe posts in the next couple weeks ;) 

I have a small obsession with animal USB drives, they are so cute! Office Max has so many of them. I have a turtle, a monkey, and now a penguin! I got this so I don't have to take my laptop to work. Whatever files I need from home, I'll keep on this :) 

These are all the things that will be going in my cubicle :P It looks like a lot, I know. But I like to be prepared, and don't want to have to ask around to get company office supplies, I'd rather just bring my own. And the less I have to carry between home and work, the easier life will be! I even have band-aids and Advil  just because.. I know I will need them at some point ;) 

I needed a cute bag to take to work that would fit my planners inside.. I found this one and they fit perfectly! It was like $30 at Charming Charlie, I love that store, and if you have one by you, I'd definitely check it out :) 


  1. I like what you did with the one-dollar bills...cute. :)

  2. love the one dollar bills! Bet she felt rich. so fun! -annalizbeth

  3. oh that all looks so fun! the $1 bill idea is awesome :)

  4. Aw looks like a fun birthday! Cherish her before she becomes a teenager... then they become smart asses haha

  5. It was a great gift! I loved it but I haven't spent my money YET! Hahaha Thx Ty! Thx Bro Bro!
    Hey Tyler when is your b day?!? ����

  6. Oh wow, now I just learned you work in insurance too! How cool!