Mason Jar Storage Using Spray Paint

I used one paper towel per mason jar :)

I wrapped mine straight across, or tried to at least... It is harder than it seems :P  
I decided I didn't really care if it was perfectly straight though, so I got as close as I could.  

This helps to keep the spray paint from getting inside. 

Or make your Husband do it ;) 

5. Remove painters tape after the paint dries completely. We waited about 24 hours, but go with the instructions on your spray paint.

I chose to do mine diagonal, but you can do whatever you want :) 

And you're done! :)

Inspiration: The Beauty Department

I also made these using this method: 


Wonderful Weekends: Birthday Parties and New Beginnings

Saturday was my little sister-in-law's birthday party. She turned 11 on Friday, so ya know, we're appreciating the days before she hits full teenage-dom. ;)

This is her opening our present... Seriously, her face in the picture on the right, gets me every time. 

The easiest thing to get kids, is money. But I wanted something a little more special, so all I did was get her money in $1 bills, and tied them up. It's so much fun to just give ones, because it always looks like so much more ;) She loved it, and we were really happy she did :) 

I wish I would've gotten a picture of all the different kinds of cupcakes because her mom made some super cute ones :)

Like our usual Sundays, today was full of watching football and being lazy :P Today was a little bit different though, because tomorrow I start my new job. I know I've mentioned it a little bit, on here & instagram, but I thought I would mention a little more about it. The Husband works at a very large insurance company, and now I work there too! :) It honestly works out so perfectly because we share a car. We are in two different buildings, and down the street from each other, but it will be super easy to have just one car, and will save us a lot of money too ;) I'm not fully sure what my job entails, but I'll know tomorrow. I'm freaking out with anxiety, and I am ready to get my first day over with, but I'm also really excited to get into the routine of working. I'm also on salary, so that means paid time off ;) And I'm off weekends too, I am a very lucky girl :)  I'm going to try as hard as I can to stay on track with my blog schedule, but don't get mad if I miss recipe posts in the next couple weeks ;) 

I have a small obsession with animal USB drives, they are so cute! Office Max has so many of them. I have a turtle, a monkey, and now a penguin! I got this so I don't have to take my laptop to work. Whatever files I need from home, I'll keep on this :) 

These are all the things that will be going in my cubicle :P It looks like a lot, I know. But I like to be prepared, and don't want to have to ask around to get company office supplies, I'd rather just bring my own. And the less I have to carry between home and work, the easier life will be! I even have band-aids and Advil  just because.. I know I will need them at some point ;) 

I needed a cute bag to take to work that would fit my planners inside.. I found this one and they fit perfectly! It was like $30 at Charming Charlie, I love that store, and if you have one by you, I'd definitely check it out :) 


Frame With Clothespins DIY

If you read Monday's post, you'll know it was our 1 year anniversary, so I had to push my DIY day back a little bit.. forgive me? ;) Anyways, I wanted to create something to display some of our photos from our first year. When I saw this memo frame from shanty-2-chic.com, I knew it would be perfect.  So I made my version :) 

Glitter Clothespins
You will need: 
I used two coats, but it's kind of unnecessary because the glitter just goes on top. I also chose to do 3 of each color for a total of 12. I didn't know if I would use them all, but better to have too much than not enough :P 

You will need: 
*Not pictured: 3M hook that I used to attach frame to wall

*Side note: I split the clothespins and the frame into two parts for this post, but spray painting the frame was actually the very first thing I did, just because I wanted the frame to have a couple days to dry while I finished the clothespins. 
This is totally optional.. I used this 3M hook to hang the frame on the wall.

And there you have it :) A fun, simple way to display photos. I especially like it because it's so easy to switch out photos for new ones!  It's the first thing we've hung up in our room since we moved in two months ago.. Oops :P 


One Year Later

Well, today marks our first year wedding anniversary! We made it! ;)  I thought it would be fun to answer some questions. Some will share our story, some will let you know more about us individually, and some will let us know more about each other :) My answers will be written in purple, his answers will be written in blue, if we answered together or had the same answer, it will be written in green. I'm hoping the colors make it easier, and not more complicated :P 

1. Where was your first kiss?
In his car :) 
2. When did you first know you were in love? 
I don't remember exactly where we were or what we were doing, but I do remember just looking at him across the room and thinking, "I am so lucky he is mine", and in that moment I just knew. 
I realized that I was in love with Tyler when I started missing her the second I left her.  It was also when I opened myself up to her and she accepted me for who I am as a person.
3. How did your family react when they found out you were getting married?
Both sides thought we were too young, but we made our decision and we were fortunate enough to have most people support us, even if they didn't agree :) 
4. Who is better at managing your finances?
I am :P I'm a better organizer, so it works.
Let's just say I'd have nothing without her. ;)
5. Who controls the remote? 
I do ;) For the most part though, we enjoy most of the same shows, so it usually doesn't cause too many problems! 
I do...it's her shows though.
6. Who's the better driver?
She is...I get anxiety in certain situations
7. Who's the faster driver?
Definitely him. // Me! Woohoo!
8. Who is most likely to eat dessert for breakfast?
Probably me! I firmly believe a slice of cake or cupcake is perfectly acceptable for breakfast ;)
Probably her, I have had my fair share of cake and ice cream for breakfast though.
9. Who will be doing most of the yard work?
Totally him. I am not great with power tools, or bugs :P
Definitely me.  Hammers scare her, so lawn mowers and other yard tools wouldn't go over well.
10. Who is usually the first to fall asleep at night?
He is. It takes me awhile to fall asleep! 
Me most nights, I can get in the perfect position next to her that has the same effect as a sleeper hold.
11. Who steals the covers more?
Me, I won't even try to deny it haha. 
Her! Total cover hog...
12. Who's most likely to use up all the hot water?
He is. I shower really quickly. 
Me, I do my best thinking in the shower!
13. Who's most likely to get lost?
Him for sure. 
I got lost at the mall shopping for her Christmas present last year...so me.
14. Who's most likely to ask for directions?
I am... I'd rather ask for directions then wasting time searching myself! 
Her, who needs directions with a smartphone?!
15. What is the first thing your spouse would buy if you won the lottery?
His dream car! // A ship for Sea Shepherd. 
16. Where would your spouse want to go on a dream vacation? 
To a few countries in Europe. 
She honestly has so many...Bahamas, Belize, Italy.  She would be perfectly content spending the rest of her life traveling if I let her. :P
17. What charity is your spouse most likely to raise money for? 
Sea Shepherd. It's an organization we both hold very close to our hearts.
If I won the lottery I'd give as much as The Husband would allow, to Sea Shepherd. They do some amazing things in saving our planet, and I'd love to help and support Captain Paul Watson as much as I could. And The Husband is right, I'd buy them another ship, but they would have to name the ship what I wanted ;) 
18. How many kids do you want?
Ideally, 2! // 4, no exceptions. ;)
19. If your house was on fire and you had a chance to grab only 5 things, what would they be?
Other than making sure everyone got out safely, probably my phone, camera, our plastic tub of scrapbooks, a baggie that holds all of our important USBs in it (photos and music files mostly). And my wedding ring.. I don't sleep with it on, is that weird? I just don't want to scratch my face :P 
My wife, my wedding ring and whatever she needs help with.  I'm not very materialistic when it comes down to my home burning down.
20. What is your dream job and why? 
Being a mom. Throwing birthday parties for our kids, and taking them to sports practice just sounds like so much fun. I can't wait. 
Being a world famous artist.  That would be sweeeeeeet, but totally unrealistic.
21. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
I would be a dolphin, because dolphins are intelligent and beautiful in every single way. 
A panda bear...pandas are cool.
22. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? 
Anywhere? I'd love to live in a nice house on the beach in Belize ;)
See answer above^^ :D
23. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Hands down, Paul Watson. He is my inspiration and hero. And I would honestly just love to hear his stories and thank him for everything he's done to help save whales and dolphins. 
Johnny Cash, the man went through a whole lot in his life, but it still would be nice to just hang out with him and listen to his stories. 
24. Describe your perfect house.
Oh my gosh there are WAY too many things to describe. I think I am going to be really picky.. and we might have to build or totally remodel :P I want an amazing basement though, and kitchen :) With my kids and their friends running around. 
The american dream home.  Shutters and paneling on the outside, white picket fence, the works.  Either that or a plantation home.
25. Do you believe in soul mates?
No.. I believe that people have other people they are supposed to be with, but as far as one person for every one person? I don't think so.. 
Maybe not necessarily "soul mates" but definitely someone that was predetermined for you to be with.  I guess that is basically a soul mate though....soooo Yes?
26. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No, I don't. I think you can have a connection at first sight. But love? No. 
No, you can't fall in love with someone without knowing who they are.  
27. What is your favorite holiday? 
Christmas :) 


Chocolate Covered S'mores Bars

You will need:
- Marshmallows
- Graham Crackers
- Chocolate Chips
- Chocolate (for dipping)

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Next time I think I'll use mini marshmallows!  But these worked fine too :) 

Keep an eye on it though, you don't want it to burn :)

This makes it easier to dip  :)

I used Hugs because it breaks up the taste a little bit, but you can use whatever :) 
I melt my chocolate in the microwave, in 20 second intervals, stirring between each.
I've used this method on all kinds of chocolate though, and it's never burned. But just in case, keep an eye on it. 

Or have your Husband do it ;) 

It's less messy this way, and I like them better cold.. :P 

Enjoy :)

From: tipjunkie.com
(text only)
Items needed:
- marshmallows
- graham crackers
- chocolate chips
- chocolate for dipping

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Line cookie sheet
3. Place graham crackers down
4. Put marshmallows on half of graham crackers
5. Put chocolate chips on other half of graham crackers
6. Place cookie sheet in oven for 5 minutes
7. Remove from oven and place two halves together
8. Place in fridge to cool for 15 - 20 minutes
9. Melt dipping chocolate and dip s'more into it.
10. Cool in fridge before serving. 


October Me, Myself, & I

1. What is your favorite season? Explain.
Christmas season. I know it's not technically a season, but I love Christmas. I love everything about it. And one day when I have money and kids, I plan on going all out for Christmas. It's a magical time of year, and in the future I'll have white Christmases again.
2. Talk about a moment that changed your life?
My first date with The Husband. I know that's cheesy and cliche but it's true. I don't think I believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in what I felt on our first date. I was so comfortable with him, and besides my dad, he probably is the only other person I've been completely myself with. I also never wanted to get married or have kids before The Husband came along. Obviously I am married now, and one day we'll adopt kiddos and I'll be a mommy :) 
3. If you could be any Crayola crayon color, what would you be and why?
Tropical Violet. Obviously because I love purple, and you can never go wrong with tropical ;) 
4. Describe yourself as a superhero: Superpower? Name? Sidekick?
My superpower would be to communicate with sea animals, and maybe then I would feel okay getting into the ocean ;) I would also be able to tell dolphins to swim away from harm :) As far as my name, I have no idea.. Let me know if you've got any ideas :P My sidekick would be my Husband ;) His superpower would be to cover his entire body with adamantium. (some kind of super strong metal) and his name would be Bullet Proof. Umm apparently he's been thinking about this for awhile :P 
5. If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at 3 stores, where would you shop?
Besides a grocery store right? ;) I would say Hobby Lobby, Nordstroms, and Target. What else does a girl need? :P 

Easy Statement Necklace Tutorial

You will need: 
- Beads 
- Spacer beads (optional)
- Jump Rings
- Crimp Beads
- Lobster Claw Clasp
- Jewelry Stringing Wire
- Wire Cutters
- Pliers (I used two, but that's totally optional)
- Ruler

If you want more information on the packaging of the beads and necklace materials click here

This is just approximate, I always cut more wire than I know I'll need.   Better to have to cut off extra at the end, instead of starting over because the wire was too short ;) 

I stopped beading around 9 inches, but it's totally up to you, or how many beads you have. I usually try to end with a necklace that measures a total of 22" - 23".

As I said before, I like my necklaces to be around 22 - 23 inches end to end when finished. So since my beading was around 9 inches long, I cut 13 inches of chain total. 

This is where I use two pairs of pliers, it makes it a lot easier when opening the jump ring, but you'll be fine with one. I only use one pair of pliers to close it though. 

And there you have it :) Your necklace is done! 
Still a little confused? You can check out my other tutorial, here.

The next two necklaces were made the same way :) 

My little collection of statement necklaces so far :) I'm pretty proud of them ;) 
The green necklace was my first ever, and this tutorial was my second time making one, it's something you kind of just have to get the materials and go for it. You won't regret it :)