DIY: No Sew Felt Bow

If you've seen my No Sew Hair Bow post, this will seem familiar! I used the same process, I just used sheets of felt instead! It's a chunkier and more textured look, but I like it :) 

Supplies Needed:
- felt sheets
- hair clips (optional, if you want to make it a hair bow)
- hot glue gun
- scissors

I used a standard size sheet of felt, which is 9x12.  I placed the sheet horizontally, and then cut (horizontally) two inches off of the bottom. I just eyeballed the cut, so I was left with a sheet approximately 7"x12".
You can always play with the size if you want to go smaller :)
Here's what you're left with, and what you'll use to make the bow: 

With felt sheet still horizontal, fold top and bottom edges toward the center. 
Cut 2 inch piece off of the end and set aside for the middle part of the bow.

Because the material is felt, once I glued anything down, I held it down longer than I usually would.

Turn it upside down, and you'll end up with this:

Place a small dot on each side of the fold, then fold the fabric back on itself to create a fan fold. Pinch and hold to secure. 
Take the 2" piece we set aside earlier. Place it flat (like we did at the beginning). Then fold top and bottom edges toward center, and glue flaps down with hot glue. And you'll be left with a piece that looks like the photo above. 
Put a dot of hot glue on the top center part of the bow, take your small piece and wrap around the center part of the bow. Trip off the excess felt, and glue flaps down where it's needed. 

Then glue a hair clip to the back if you wish to make it a hair bow :) 

**I missed a few photos of certain steps, so for more tips on the last few steps, check out this tutorial** 

And in case I haven't told you how much I love my Husband... 
Here's another reason why... He'll do anything to make me laugh. 
So thanks Hubby :) 


  1. Love how your model wore the bow ;)

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  2. Great idea! I also made a bow before from Christmas decorations and glued it to a hair pin :)



  3. this is great! i cant wait to make one

  4. This DIY is one of the cutest I have seen ever, hands down! I can't wait to make one :) I am your newest follower and love your blog, girlfriend!!

  5. These are adorable!!! I absolutely love this idea. I will definitely have to try it :)

  6. Just Made This! Mine turned out really cool. Thanks for the tutorial! ;)