Wonderful Weekends:Sleepover Edition

Next weekend is Noah's birthday, but we won't be here so we celebrated early. I love cupcake cakes!

We put balloons in his new room at our house to surprise him :) 

We also got him some games and controller so him and the Husband would have something to do when he is here :) 

Kayla decided to use the tissue paper from his present to make a hat! She's a creative one ;)

The controller we got Noah is blue, and smaller than the usual ones. Perfect for little hands!

Did someone say sleepover? Candy, soda, and pizza... Perfect right? :)

Then we ate cupcakes! And we kind of knew what would happen if we put 8 candles on one tiny cupcake, but it was worth it! We did get him a new cupcake though ;)

And apparently this is how we eat the new cupcake... Boys will be boys. 

Later we watched Parent Trap.. and Noah decided to try a lemon flavored candy. 
And there are some pure emotion results. I felt bad taking pictures.. but he loved it :P 

The boys played video games.. and we did crafts. Because boys will be boys and girls will be girls!

We had a lot of fun with The Husband's little brother and sister! More sleepovers will definitely happen :)
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Sounds like a way fun day! Loved the balloons on the bed!

  2. Thank you for making it so special for them! You are an awesome girl!