No Sew Hair Bow

I love the bun, but I have yet to try it because, I just couldn't get past the cute bow below the bun!
I wear my hair in a bun a lot, so I decided I needed a bow too!
 While searching on Etsy I found some cute ones, but most bigger bows were at least $20, plus shipping.
That just doesn't really fit my budget, so I went back to Pinterest.
I wanted a tutorial on how to make my own. 
But they were all done with sewing machines, and I don't sew.
I have before, but truth moment, sewing machines scare me. 
So I was about ready to give up, and stumbled upon this lovely tutorial from Hopes and Dreams.
And I decided to try it! 

I already had the hot glue gun, and we don't have an ironing board, so I used my hair straightener instead!
All I had to buy was fabric, and metal hair clips.
I bought my hair clips at Sally's Beauty Supply, they were around $3 dollars. 
And fabric from Hobby Lobby. I just picked two different fabrics, 
and got 3/8 yard of each. I paid around $6.
You could probably get less fabric, and still have more than enough to make a couple bows, but I wanted extra to play around with. 

With the help of the Hopes and Dreams tutorial, I made one! 
I definitely recommend heading over there and checking out her tutorial,
it is really simple, and you'll be happy you did!

The finished bow was about 2x3,  which is good for a bow tie,but I wanted to go bigger. 
So I decided to make one with starting measurements of 12" x 7"
I also have a really hard time cutting straight lines, so I made a template to make it easier on myself.

I've been playing with different sizes, I think I'm going to try a really small one,
just to see if I can do it.

This one was 12" x 6"
(please don't mind my lazy bun haha, I'm working on cuter ones!)

Updated to add: 
I tried the bun from the top picture, it's super easy,
and will probably be my new go to hair style :)
Especially in Arizona, because it's just too hot here to wear your hair down in the summer.
And, I went back to buy more fabric, and only got 1/4 of a yard this time.
And it is more than enough :) 


  1. Sooooo cute!!! Great job!!! Your bun does remind me of the "old" Beehive hairdo. :)Keep up the great work. You are very talented my dear daughter (in-law).

  2. That's so cute!! I've seen the hair tutorial before, but kinda pushed it aside since my hair's still too short! I'm going to have to make one of these now.

  3. Cute!! I love bows!
    Thanks for linking up to the pinterest project!!

  4. Oh wow, SO cute!!! I haven't seen these before...I'll have to whip some up for me & my daughter. We love big hair accessories! Thanks for linking up to The Pinterest Project!

  5. That is adorable! I need to get a hot glue gun...and go make some hair bows. Love them! My daughter has a whole collection of them, but it'd be really neat to go out and buy fabric that matches an outfit we have or what not!

    Thanks for linking up :)