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Stonehenge - June 2007

Jonathan visiting Arizona December 2010

Bloggers, meet Jonathan (or Jon, but I prefer Jonathan). He is my bestie, and I love him to death. 
And yes, guys and girls can be just friends. But that's a whole different discussion for another day.
Now for the funny part of our friendship, we met in Europe. 
In 9th grade, my wonderful friend Ashley and I joined our geography teacher and some other students for a class trip! Our group was smaller, and so was his, so EF Tours put our groups together. Jonathan and I did NOT get along at first. And now we've been besties for exactly 5 years. He's from Colorado, and currently going to school in Iowa. So we don't see each other often, but one day (when we have bigger budgets), 
we'll see each other more. In the future, we'll raise our children together as cousins, and take trips together. All that fun stuff. Due to our budgets (again) he was unable to make it to our wedding, and yet to meet the Husband, but we're hoping that changes soon!

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Last night we took the Husband's little brother and sister to Peter Piper Pizza.
I hit the jackpot on another game, two seconds later, 
she hits the jackpot on her game.
We're just THAT good ;)

She got more than me.. But it was pretty close! 

We combined our tickets and got her an alarm clock
and lots of candy! 


  1. Thank you again for taking the kids! They had so much fun!! Kayla came home and said, "I am so glad I finally have a sister!" Soooo cute!! Now I don't have to adopt a sister for her. HA Okay, so I always say that Noah and Tanner resemble eachother...look at that picture, they do right?!XOXO

    1. Aww yay :) We had lots of fun! And they totally do resemble each other! And act like each other too ;)

  2. OH yeah, and Noah is already trying to figure out how many tickets he needs to get 300 green army men and 300 white skeleton men. Our house has been a battle zone since he came home and again this morning. Hope even joined in by knocking his men over. HAHA Good luck on your test! You will do great, I feel it!! ;)

    1. hahahah we will have to take them again :) It's all he wanted! And thanks! I will try :P