Daddy Kit Take 2 & Baby Love!

So last week I talked about a New Dad Survival Kit.
Soon after I found out my friend was having a baby, 
I found out my older sister was having one too! 
So of course, I made a second one for my brother-in-law!

I did mostly the same thing,
but this one was a little different because
1. I didn't know the sex of the baby
2. It had to be smaller because I was mailing it to them in Seattle. 

I used the same labels from Domestifluff ,
but modified the color to be more gender neutral. 

Life Savers - "To remind you that parents are life savers" 
Leis - "To remind you to take some time to relax"

Changed (sayings stayed the same)

I couldn't find boogie wipes this time, 
but these were cute too! 

I was worried about a candle melting, 
so we got glow in the dark things instead! 

 I kept the Advil the same, 
but this time I wrapped it in wrapping paper :) 

Then, I chose to laminate the cards again!

 Packed and ready to go!

When I sent this, we didn't know the sex of the baby. 
But Monday we found out that my sister is having...

A baby girl! 

I am so excited for them, they honestly will be such amazing parents! 
And I can't wait to see her grow up! 
Little girls are just so cute! 

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