Dad to Be Survival Kit

As soon as I found out a good friend of mine was having a baby, I knew I had to do something special for him!  There are tons of ideas for special things... for the Mom's. Which is totally understandable, but I wanted to do something for the Soon to Be Dad!

I scoured the Internet, and found this site. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it gave me a good start one what I wanted to do. I also didn't put any candy because I didn't want to worry about it melting.
I really am surprised there aren't more blog posts or tutorials about this. So I'll try my best to explain what I did :) We got most of the stuff from Target and Party City. And we went to The Container store for the Lego container. 

I like to call this organized chaos... 
It's easier for me to put everything in front of me, and then go from there.

Once I did that, I made the cards with descriptions to go with the items.
I found my labels on pinterest from Domestifluff.
She has a free printable with blank labels, and they are beautiful :)
She even gives permission to change the color,
how awesome is she?

Then, I just used PicMonkey to put words inside of it :) 
I printed a whole page, cut them, and then I laminated each individual one.
You can skip that part, but I wanted them to last longer.

Then I matched the cards and items together.
I found these little blue clothespins from the party store and they were perfect to use!
(I also tied ribbon around the items that didn't have an easy place for the clothespins to attach to)

Pen and Paper - "To write down your thoughts/memories to share when he gets older"

Candle - "So you never feel in the dark"

Safety Pins - "To remind you to keep your baby safe"

Baby Wipes - "For cleaning up those little messes" 
(How cute are these?!)

Mommy Coupons - "For when you find yourself in the dog house"

The Hulk - "To remind you that no matter what, you'll always be his hero"

Smiley faces - "To remind you to keep smiling" 

Paper Clips - "To help hold it all together"
(Yes, those are giant paper clips! Got them at Target!)

Graduation Cap - "To remind you life passes too quickly and enjoy every minute"
I actually wanted a small candy watch or clock for this, but we couldn't find one.

Sucker - "To lick all your problems away"
Earplugs - "For times when you can't hear yourself think" 
Lotion - "To remind you that babies need a lot of soft touches" 
Balloons - "To remind you to teach him to reach for the sky"
Batteries - "For those times when you are running low on energy" 
Mardi Gras Beads - "To remind you to get out and have fun every once in awhile" 
Eraser - "To remind you that all new Dads make mistakes" 
Marbles - "To replace the ones you'll lose"
Playing cards - "Raising and educating a child is risky, but so worth it"
Puzzle piece - "To remind you that you are important piece in his journey"
Rubber band - "To remind you flexibility is key"
Tissues - "To dry those tears. His and yours"

(I thought it would be better if he opened this one last, so I made a note)
Ibuprofen - "When all else fails, take two of these" 

I fit everything into the lego box the best that I could,
it took a few tries!

We put a little note on top.
It says, "We just wanted to give you a little something to help welcome your little prince into the world"

Then put the lid on :) 
Please don't mind my bow... they are not in my skill set. 

The possibilities are endless! And it's so easy to personalize it a little bit from person to person.

A little note about the cost, I think we spent around $55-60 for the stuff inside, 
but we splurged on certain items, such as the boogie wipes, the journal and the Hulk.
So it can definitely be made to be a little more cost effective.
Just depends on what you want to do :) 


  1. Thanks for linking up! My younger brother is going to be a first time dad in December & I would LOVE to make him something like this! Great idea


  2. I love this idea! I can't wait to do it for someone I know!
    Thanks so much for linking up to the pinterest project with us! :)

  3. That is so adorable!
    Thanks for linking up :)