We're home!

We made it back to Arizona yesterday... And let me just say, I am completely exhausted.
I have about a week and half until I start summer semester, and it will be filled with laundry and cleaning.

One of the best parts about Huntington Beach, is obviously the beach. We decided to take advantage of the wonderful backdrop and take some pictures.I hate taking pictures alone, that's why I don't have any pictures of myself, but we figured it was time to take a few. And the Husband is a wonderful photographer ;)

Keep in mind, I love the ocean, but that doesn't mean I want to get IN the ocean. Even going knee deep makes me nervous. I don't do well with bodies of water. I'm pretty sure the ocean knows this, and likes to mess with me.At the end of our little photo shoot, we were taking a couple last shots, and the ocean decided to play a little trick. A wave came out of nowhere... and soaked the entire bottom of my dress!
The dress was already ruined, which is a positive.But it was COLD.and the hubby got it all on film.... :P 

Right as the wave hit me... Pure emotion right there.... 

That would be my..I can't believe that just happened face :P

Laughing it off. :)

Dear Ocean,
I'm going to take that wave as a hug,
and a sign of love. 

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