Our Travels: Days 1 and 2

Friday, May 11: 
We drove from Phoenix to St. George, Utah.It was around 7 hours, but we had a lot of fun :) Marry someone who makes you laugh and you can have fun with. It makes things like road trips so much fun!
We took my Grandma B out to dinner with us, so it was good to see her.

Saturday, May 12
When we went to check out of our hotel we didn't have to pay anything because my wonderful mother called the day before and paid for our room :) How sweet is she? We drove from St. George to the Salt Lake area. 

Isn't he just the cutest??
I love him lots :)

When we got back, we borrowed bikes from my mom and sister, and went for a little bike ride.

My handsome husband, and handsome car, Randolph :)

I also found this little gem, 
my Dad's Air Force Uniform. 
I know I don't say it enough, but thanks for your service Daddy.

My Grandma Sandra and Grandpa Wes came over for dinner last night. 

We ate dinner and just talked about everything. A lot of stories were told about Steve, and it's hard.
But it's also really nice to reflect on some of the good times. What a wonderful man he was, and what an amazing woman his wife is.

And when my Grandpa hugged me bye, he said "You sure do have a great husband"
Well yes.... yes I do :) Thanks Grandpa!

My grandparents will be celebrating their 54th Anniversary on Wednesday, how awesome is that? They make us laugh all the time, and we all just adore them :)
So Grandma and Grandpa, Happy Anniversary!

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