Bucket List: Have the Perfect Wedding

 Have the perfect wedding

Obviously this was crossed off while ago, but I thought I'd share some wedding pictures.
We got married in Las Vegas on October 22, 2011. We chose Las Vegas because we didn't have a big budget. Also, most of my family lives in Utah, so it was a good half way point for everybody!
It was a small ceremony, just about 40 people. And instead of a reception after, we just went to a restaurant for lunch. It was perfect for us and we wouldn't change a thing!

On October 20 we packed up and left for Vegas.

The days before we got married were spent relaxing by the pool and playing board games.
Yeah, we're probably a little boring in most people's eyes..
but we have fun. So that's all that matters :)

October 22, 2011.... The first day of the rest of our lives
Gina helping the Husband get ready

My little sister's friend Emmy, my Dad, little sister

My dad attempting to tie my bow... he did a good job :) 

Here are some of my favorites from the ceremony:
My little sister was my maid of honor, my Dad was the Husband's best man!
I am forever thankful for the bond they have.

We wrote and read our own vows.. I went first because... I hate talking in front of people

We are married... :) 


Huntington Beach

 Huntington Beach! This was the view from our hotel balcony :)

I am pretty scared of the ocean. Big bodies of water really.. Don't get me wrong, I love the ocean. I'm passionate about saving it. But that certainly doesn't get me into it. It's not the water really, it's everything that can harm me in the water. My dad knows this, so when he called the first night, his first questions were about if I went into the ocean... And I actually did! 

I actually did start having some fun.. granted I did only walk into the ocean up to my knees...But, the waves were up to my waist... And for a few seconds, up to my shoulders. Because funny story, the ocean pushed me down... TWICE. Yep. That means for this trip, Ocean= 3, Me= 0. The first time I called it a hug, but not this time... Obviously as I was getting more comfortable with the ocean, it was getting more comfortable with me and decided it was okay to mess around with me more harshly. We'll see what happens the next time the ocean and I encounter one another. I still very much have a love/hate relationship with the ocean. But I will continue to fight for it :)

Bucket List Item:

 Go to Ruby's Diner on the Huntington Beach Pier

The Husband ordered this... It was a chocolate shake with chocolate chips. 
So wonderful :) 


We're home!

We made it back to Arizona yesterday... And let me just say, I am completely exhausted.
I have about a week and half until I start summer semester, and it will be filled with laundry and cleaning.

One of the best parts about Huntington Beach, is obviously the beach. We decided to take advantage of the wonderful backdrop and take some pictures.I hate taking pictures alone, that's why I don't have any pictures of myself, but we figured it was time to take a few. And the Husband is a wonderful photographer ;)

Keep in mind, I love the ocean, but that doesn't mean I want to get IN the ocean. Even going knee deep makes me nervous. I don't do well with bodies of water. I'm pretty sure the ocean knows this, and likes to mess with me.At the end of our little photo shoot, we were taking a couple last shots, and the ocean decided to play a little trick. A wave came out of nowhere... and soaked the entire bottom of my dress!
The dress was already ruined, which is a positive.But it was COLD.and the hubby got it all on film.... :P 

Right as the wave hit me... Pure emotion right there.... 

That would be my..I can't believe that just happened face :P

Laughing it off. :)

Dear Ocean,
I'm going to take that wave as a hug,
and a sign of love. 


Our Travels: Days 3, 4, and 5

Sunday, May 13:
It was Mother's Day, and we went to see my Aunt. We decided to go bowling. 
She lives in a pretty small town, so we had the entire bowling alley to ourselves for awhile! 

My sister, Alicia and I. 

My Aunt Mona, and I. 

Alicia, my step dad Casey, Me, and the Husband!

My Uncle John, Alicia, and I. 

Monday, May 14
While my little sister was in school, the Husband and I decided to go on a lunch date to Market Street.
It's a wonderful restaurant that I used to go to with my Dad when we lived in Utah. The clam chowder is my FAVORITE.

Before we went to eat, we went to the mall to go to Aerie. The one in Arizona is far away from us. So I thought I would take advantage.  We also bought the Husband some more ties for work, and got my dad a couple presents :)

We left the mall, and headed to Old Navy...And when we walked out, a bird pooped right in front of us!
Half a second sooner and it woulda been on the Husband's head.. It got on my pants, and it was disgusting...
But of course the husband came to the rescue, and wiped it off with baby wipes. I was still totally grossed out though, and drove to a corner in the parking lot to change.Luckily I had a change of pants in the car!
But seriously... disgusting right? It still kinda freaks me out!

After lunch, we decided to hit the batting cages... We were really excited because we don't have any close to us in Arizona. My dad used to take me golfing here, and we went to the batting cages once. So the Husband and I gave it a whirl.And I totally kicked his butt! ;) 

We did slow pitch baseball. But it seriously hurt to connect to the ball.Note to self, wear gloves next time.
And.. take off your wedding ring.

That night we headed to Shari's house to see her, and the rest of the family. And I have to say, walking up to their house and knowing Steve wasn't going to be there hit me in the face like a ton of bricks. His daughter, Lexi, is my age. And we've been friends since we were little. Most of my memories of Steve are from being in this house. And a wave of emotion came over me, but I wouldn't let myself cry, because I needed to be strong for everyone else. It's been a hard few days... and you catch yourself having fun or smiling.
And you automatically feel guilty... How can I be happy right now?
But then you remember that his life motto was: "Work Hard, Play Hard"
And I know in my heart he wants everyone in his life to have fun. He was always like that.
We left before the viewing or the funeral, but I'm so glad we were able to see everyone before we left..
We love you Steve...

Tuesday, May 15
We drove from Salt Lake to St. George. We're staying here tonight, and leaving for California tomorrow morning.We went and got lunch, and then went to get snow cones!

After lunch we came back to the hotel, and fell asleep.
Hahah, if you know me, you know I can NEVER take naps.
But we were exhausted. I hope we can get a lot of rest tonight,
we've got 6 more hours of driving tomorrow.
It was all worth it to see the family, and be there for everyone though.

So we're off to grab a pizza and plan on laying in bed and being lazy tonight.I will see everyone when we get back!Have a wonderful week :)


Our Travels: Days 1 and 2

Friday, May 11: 
We drove from Phoenix to St. George, Utah.It was around 7 hours, but we had a lot of fun :) Marry someone who makes you laugh and you can have fun with. It makes things like road trips so much fun!
We took my Grandma B out to dinner with us, so it was good to see her.

Saturday, May 12
When we went to check out of our hotel we didn't have to pay anything because my wonderful mother called the day before and paid for our room :) How sweet is she? We drove from St. George to the Salt Lake area. 

Isn't he just the cutest??
I love him lots :)

When we got back, we borrowed bikes from my mom and sister, and went for a little bike ride.

My handsome husband, and handsome car, Randolph :)

I also found this little gem, 
my Dad's Air Force Uniform. 
I know I don't say it enough, but thanks for your service Daddy.

My Grandma Sandra and Grandpa Wes came over for dinner last night. 

We ate dinner and just talked about everything. A lot of stories were told about Steve, and it's hard.
But it's also really nice to reflect on some of the good times. What a wonderful man he was, and what an amazing woman his wife is.

And when my Grandpa hugged me bye, he said "You sure do have a great husband"
Well yes.... yes I do :) Thanks Grandpa!

My grandparents will be celebrating their 54th Anniversary on Wednesday, how awesome is that? They make us laugh all the time, and we all just adore them :)
So Grandma and Grandpa, Happy Anniversary!