Wonderful Weekend!

I've been playing with my nails lately.. :P

The Husband signing paperwork for our new car :) 

umm.. yes, we celebrated with Fortune Cookies haha. I have a small obsession :)

Learning all about our new car with the salesman :) 

Finally got our car home :) 

love you hubbs.

Tball game! It was FREEZING. 

Baseball season is back! Going to the fist game with Dad and the Husband on Friday night,
so of course I needed a new shirt!

Shopping.. :) What a good Husband! ;) 

Yummy Dinner :)

A special thank you to Tanner's Dad and Stepmom, for making our car ownership possible!
It was great to spend the weekend with you guys, and we miss you already! Come back to Arizona soon :) 


  1. Congrats on the new wheels! Can you come over and do my nails?

    1. Thanks Angelica! :)
      I'm not all that great.. I just play around.. and use toothpicks with flat ends for polkadots :)