Ling & Louie's!

Sunday night Tanner, my dad, and I went to Ling & Louie's for dinner.
Check out their facebook page here!

I am a pretty picky eater, so Asian cuisine is not usually my favorite.
But the Mongolian Beef here was AMAZING.
I absolutely loved it :)

Please note, usually when we go out to dinner, I don't take a camera.
I just have my iphone and picplz/instagram. :)

I've only used chopsticks once in my life... I was about 9 and it was a restaurant in Las Vegas.
And I cheated because the waiter put rubber bands around them and I used two hands to pull each side apart haha...
Other than that, I haven't used them.
And let me say... its HARD!

I practiced with lettuce before dinner even came.. and I really couldn't get it.
But I was determined to learn how to do it.
(I even took home extra chopsticks to practice :P )

When our dinner came, I was the last one to finish.
I refused to take a bite with my fork, so I used my chopsticks and got through my entire meal!
Well, I only took a couple bites of rice haha... that was crazy but I did it :P

How about you? Do you eat with chopsticks or do you stick with the fork??

The food was just wonderful :)
And when the Manager, John, heard it was our first time
he sent over a complementary dessert!
How awesome is that?!

It's the flour less chocolate cake and it was DELICIOUS!
He also gave us a card for a free appetizer next time we were in.

Our waitresses name was Jenna and she was wonderful :)

We went to the Scottsdale, AZ location, but according to their website ,
they have locations in Chandler, AZ, Denver, CO, Meridian, ID, and Reno, NV.
If there is one by you, I would definitely recommend it!

Let me know if you go to one :)

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